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The Hubbel treatment, or "Pulling a Hubbel", refers to the act of overdramatizing breakups and goodbyes. The name comes from the last scene from the 1973 movie "The way we were", where Barbra Streisand's character Katie finally releases her long, aching lover Hubbel Gardner (Played by Robert Redford, hence the "Hubbel").

Can also be used to describe overacting in real life or refer to a drama queen's actions.
When they brok up, she really pulled the Hubbel on him - The hand-on-face manouver, the breaking voice, the starry eyes... The girl's a pro.

-I said I'll wait, but I'm not gonna wait forever...
-Grrl, don't even try that Hubbel treatment on me!
by DeeperBoy June 20, 2010
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