An HTG is a girl in her teenage years who suffers from uncontrollable hornyness, and would often lure guys into her traps.
“Hey... so when we get back from our walk, we should get freaky
Snap out of it! You’re being an HTG!”
by take/choke you out April 22, 2019
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When I said Cruise was a nutbag, I didn't mean it literally, HTG.
by grapes July 20, 2005
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HTGS stands for horny teenage girl syndrome. This syndrome usually settles for fangirls such as beliebers and directioners. If you have HTGS you constantly think about sexual fantasies with celebrites and also your regular school crush.
Gabbie: Have you seen Liam Payne. He's so sexy. The things I would do to him! ;)
Hannah: Totally but I really rather fuck Louis
Randy: You guys sooo have HTGS
by Tommysgf February 08, 2013
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Although in other countries it means "honest to god" in new zealand it's an abbreviation for "hit the gap" which is basically just telling someone to piss off
Fuckboi: keen on a root girl??
Angelic girl: poo eah htg
by _shut_up_bitch February 08, 2019
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Acronym for "Hand To God." For when you are swearing to your truthfulness. Ironically, irregardless of one's religious outlook.
"HTG, I want you before all others "
by Mr Special September 04, 2019
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