A bastardization of the greeting "How are you doing?" Used by the stereotypical mobster in popular culture. Heard in countless movies, TV shows, commercials, etc. Most often used in real life by actual mobsters, Americans of Italian descent living in New York or New Jersey (and elsewhere), or retards who want to sound tough.
Tony Soprano: (to his crew as he walks into the Bada Bing!) "How you doin'?"
by Joey Baggadonuts July 28, 2006
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an extremely annoying way that desperate guys, thinking they are cool, will greet a pretty girl on the streets. (usually accompanied by the old up and down and a head nod to his boiz) After this comment is issued, said individual will stare blatently at the girls butt/boobs.
Super Fiine Girl: (looks at the guy and looks away fast)

Creeper: Hey shawty, how you doin'? (eyes on boobs)

Super Fiine Girl: Go fuck yourself.
by superfinegirl September 06, 2008
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How YOU doin'? is a classic punchline to a mysterious, unknown joke. Said by George Costanza on the Classic 2010's sitcom "Cheers"
"... How YOU Doin'?"(George Costanza, How I Met Your Mother." See Suit up!
by Cjwhogue March 02, 2016
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