To wear your hat on the side of your head partly covering your face. Made famous by Jay-Z/Hova/Jigga Man.

Rapper The Game used it in his diss track "Down" in which he was dissing Lloyd Banks.

"Dodger fitted got the Hova Lean, so they ain't notice me."
The Game Jay-Z LLoyd Banks Rap Hova Lean
by Marckie Marck October 02, 2009
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The carpool lane or diamond lane on any interstate freeway, in comparison to when Jay-Z (Hova) throws up the diamond sign with his hands for Roc-A-Fella.
Today, I was on the freeway. All of the lanes beside the carpool lane was packed so I decided to hop in the Hova lane.
by That Dude Sean October 22, 2011
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The devout followers of the lord of rap, Jay-Z. They are marked in their position regarding conscientious objection to anything and refusal to submit to the police, which has brought them into conflict with some governments. Consequently, activities of Hova's Witnesses have been banned or restricted in some countries. Persistent legal challenges by Hova's Witnesses have had considerable influence on legislation related to civil rights in various countries. The best understood characteristic of a Hova's Witness is his or her refusal to "give a flying fuck" and inclination to "trip referees" at basketball games. They usually originate from New York City, particularly in the Brooklyn and Tribeca areas.
person 1: Dem Hova's Witnesses be thumpin' to some durty beats dawg.
person 2: Who dat? E-40?
person 2: Nigga its Jay-Z! (chck chck BAM)
by jayang April 12, 2011
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Said when you just completely humiliate someone weather it be via insult,video game,more money,ect.The word hova sounds like "ova" or "over" so it fits.And when you say its hova,you have to look to the left and put ya diamonds up like Jay-Z
Float like a butterfly,sting like a bee.I did your mom,now it hurts when i pee.Its hova!
by xGuardianSoulx March 24, 2011
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Jay-Z aka Jigga aka Sean Carter when he calls himself the "God of the Rap Game" (from "Jehova", another name for "God").
Jay-Z + Hova = J Hova
"J Hova spittin game from da range rover"
- Jay-Z, "20 Bag Shorty"
by Fraft June 14, 2008
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When you take so many psychedelics that you think you are Jay-Z
"Last night I HOVA-dosed on shrooms, I thought I was Jay-Z"
by Pill Poppin God May 18, 2010
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When Santas reindeer are broke down and in idle mode. It's what happens when someone goes jihad and busts an RPG in Santas sleigh.
Rudolph and the rest of you bitches best get yo ass off the ground and out of Hova-Sleigh, we gots to go!
by T.J. Dubz December 13, 2010
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