A critically acclaimed medical drama television series starring British actor Hugh Laurie who plays an anti-social doctor (Dr. Gregory House) that specializes in infectious diseases and nephrology, and is also head of the Department of Diagnostic Medicine.

Other characters include Dr. James Wilson(an oncologist) and head of the Department of Oncology, Dr. Lisa Cuddy (an endocrinologist) and also Dean of Medicine, Dr. Eric Foreman (a neurologist), Dr. Allison Cameron (an immunologist), and Dr. Robert Chase (an intensivist).

House M.D. is smart and cleverly written and has the best theme song ever.
Dr. Lisa Cuddy: (approaching with two young-looking female interns) Dr. House!
Dr. Gregory House: Time for Girl Scout cookies already?
Dr. Wilson: Get me some Thin Mints.

This is a quote from House M.D..
by [Katie] May 05, 2007
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The doctor which solved a lot of cases by thinking smart and dangerous. Seeing the positive outcome and the worst at the same time.
House M.D.: Hey, no problem the patient might be dad by tomorrow, but you think it`s better to wait a few hours...

The team: Yeah, but we think...

The machine: BP is dropping!!!

House M.D. : See, now we can put him on the antibiotics. You idiots.
by anatom123 September 27, 2010
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