*Hotel Room* is normally said to a very hot girl. Hotel room refers to a typical hotel room and if you say it to a girl it basically means you want to bang her in a Hotel Room.
John: Oi, Oliver did you see that *Hotel Room* over there?
Oliver: Yeah man! Shes really hot
by Vasily Zaitsev October 21, 2018
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It means that someone wants sexual activities in a hotel room
Hey... hotel room...”
by RubenYger April 19, 2018
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When you say “hotel room” you are implying sexual activities to be done in a hotel room
Hotel room ;3”
by RubenYger April 16, 2018
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semi humorous, semi offensive): a very messy-by most normal people standards- person.
the neatest person i know literally behaves like a hotel room bachelor when they actually rent a hotel room by themselves during business trips.
by sexydimma September 24, 2013
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A hotel room occupied by two Indian men (Who could possibly be giving eachother rusty trombones). After occupying the room, a smell that noone should ever have to inhale is formed. This smell if inhaled for more than 5 minutes could cause loss of conscieness, brain damage or even death.
Shari: Mr.Patel needs some cream brought up to his room.

Eddy: You must be out of your mind. I'm not going up to that room!!

Shari:Oh I forgot......indian hotel room.

Eddy:Yeah Mr.Patel is probably getting a rusty trombone anyway.
by Frazier September 13, 2007
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hours upon hours of crazy kinky mindblowing sex. great way of living out all of one's fantasies. (lots of stamina required)
by gordon April 30, 2003
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The red line train that runs from howard to 95th street in chicago.
Homeless people use the red line train in chicago as a dollar fifty hotel room.
by dave February 03, 2004
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