1. An attractive young man. 2.hot headed young man. 3.someone able to do the shmoney dance proficiently.
1. There goes a hot nigga over there. 2.i thought he was cool and calm but he turned out to be a hot nigga. 3.he taught me how to do the shmoney dance so now I'm a hot nigga..
by Hot nigga September 27, 2014
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A male that STAYS out on the party scene and is popular amongst the females (possibly because he has dated them all ).
“Yeah Anton stays on the scene, he’s a hot nigga
by TheFi3rce1 August 10, 2018
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A guy that is usually in a gang that is not afraid of anything. He will do anything he wants with no fear of repercussions and consequences. Has no fear of going to jail and would do ANYTHING for the gang.
Im such a hot nigga I just shot an old lady and I didn’t even give a fuck.
I ain’t scared of going to jail bitch, I’m a hot nigga.
I’m such a hot nigga I’ll kill for the gang.
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some weird ass snapchat filter that breaks into people's living spaces just to dance like they are at the club getting lit to that one song "All My Friends Are Dead"

Side Note: very dangerous might know some karate moves so do not get close to him or he will smack the shit outta you
Hot Dog Nigga: *karate kicks darrell*

Darrell got too close and now has vietnam flashbacks from seeing a hot dog.
by art hoe July 12, 2017
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the coolest something could be. the nigga is said in a high pitched voice and is stretched out
yo that video game is hot ta death NIGGGGAAAAA!!!!
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"(The) Hot Dog Nigga" is an uprising meme that is based on the Snapchat filter in which you are able to virtually see a dancing Hot Dog that is placed in the environment of your camera.
Mile: What that?

Meter: This is Hot Dog Nigga.
by 6lackforest July 09, 2017
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