when you go to take a crap only to sit on a toilet heated by someone else's ass

Toilet has been recently used and grosses the new user out.
"Dude I ran into the bathroom and I got hot seat"

"O man thats gross"
by Weader March 18, 2009
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To charge an absorbent seat cushion by filling it with ass gas, only to leave and watch as an unsuspecting victim sits on the seat, discharging its noxious fumes.

N.B.: One must use only well cushioned, cloth seating surfaces in the act of hot seating. Leather and vinyl will simply deflect the rectal poisons, gassing the rookie conspirator.
Why did Professor Johnson just run out into the hall, crying?

Oh, I hot seated his desk chair before class. It must have been a bad one; I ate some dried apricots this morning.
by jp April 09, 2005
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The act of using a toilet to make a bowel movement, immediately following a previous occupant.
Steve stunk up the bathroom something fierce, but I couldn't hold it any longer so I had to hotseat it.
by Thanog January 07, 2011
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Stuffing a handful of Cinnamon Red Hots candies in your girlfriend's snatch prior to an extended car ride mistakenly thinking it will induce sexual urges. It never works.

Sometimes referred to as The MotorCity Hot Seat as it was reportedly the ill-concieved notion of a jackass from Detroit.
Biff: Before our trip to Houghton Lake I gave my girl The Hot Seat. 30 minutes later she was washing her cooch in a truckstop sink. Damn. That thing looked like Oopsy The Clown sticking his tongue out!
by 1troglodite April 06, 2009
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There are two ways to define this word.The school way, and the "other way"... The school way is when you read a book and you impersonate the character as your teacher asks you questions that you have to answer as if you are the character. The "other" way is basically when you sit in a chair and have someone act lets just say "hot" around you which makes you feel hot. Which is why it is called the (hot seat.)
"Hey, let's do it in the (hot seat)"
"I was actually scared when they said I was going to become a wizard and live in Hogwarts!"
by Mary Elizabeth Wilson January 26, 2018
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A game where you tell 3 sex stories, 1 funny, 1 scary, and the best one. Usually played on the way back from sports games on the back of the bus.
"Guys, we're playing hot seat if we win on the way back."
by Torva December 06, 2014
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