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Hot piss is a exclamation much like wow or cool! It can be used in a variety of ways and is quite flexible.It can be adapted for both happy and sad situations.
person 1 - Hey, guess what! I got laid last night!

Person 2 - Hot piss!!

Person 1 - My dad died last night...

Person 2 - ...Hot piss...that sucks.
by Cherrypopper May 30, 2005
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Meaning that not only do you have to pee but you have to go really badly.
"Man where's the bathroom? I gotta take a hotpiss"
by Julie December 05, 2004
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Hot piss can be used to describe something in a positive way.
Person A: Hey, you think Blondie is hot piss?
Person B: Yea man, Blondie is awesome.
by Methodminus January 31, 2007
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Having to urinate very badly, so badly infact that it almost burns.
Man I gotta take a hot piss!
by Julie January 04, 2005
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