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A rare condition in which too much synovial fluid invades the patellofermoral groove and alters the position of the menisci. The accompanying swelling distends the knee, prohibits full range of motion and can eventually cause muscle atrophy from restricted use. Locking of the knee can also occur.

The name describes the appearance of the medial (tibial) and lateral (fibular) collateral ligaments, which because of the inflammation resemble the appearance of hot dogs. Additionally, this condition is most common in Japan, particular among those who participate in hot dog eating contests.

Avoiding hot dogs is the best prevention and treatment for this condition; however, you should consult an orthopedist about whether an arthroscopy is needed. See a dietitian if the condition persists and/or if you are unable to remove hot dogs from your diet.
Takeru Kobayashi was the first person to be diagnosed with Hot Dog Knees.
by DisenchantedWeinerLover August 19, 2011
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