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Literal meaning: I ate a baby.

Hossell's are pretty much the sexiest people on this planet. They are fantastic friends and Amazing in bed. heheeheh. Hossell's have a tendency to lighten up one's day through their brilliant-but-slightly-crazy sense of humour and strange animal noises. However, Hossell's generally have crap taste in music, for example Dubstep and other such nonsense, and they are well known for their "jerking-off-the-giant" dance at parties.
Hossell's are wonderful people to be around and if you are ever fortunate enough to meet one then you should snap them up quickly, because they never realise how awesome they actually are.
In addition, Hossell's are well known for their exquisite taste in food, their permanent drunken-like state and their let's-sit-around-doing-bugger-all genes. Hossell's are wonderful procrastinators.
They also tend to attract quite weird friends, so beware of these potential alliances.
Girl 1 : Did you just see that Hossell walk past?

Girl 2 : Yeah he was something else! Check out the ass on that bootay!

by Rod&Tod January 25, 2011
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