An individual, typically American, who consumes copious amounts of food at every meal. They are characterized by loudness, food babies, and the lack of a visible belly button.
Chrissy if you keep eating like a hoss, you're not going to pass the weight limit on the flight back from Italy.

Yeah, we adopted a starving African child from Djibouti, and he's been hossing down on some American burgers.
by Rick Steves July 10, 2008
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A large, four-legged mammal bred for riding; First introduced by Spanish Conquistadors in the 15th century.
Get up on that hoss there boy! Now pull em' on over to the stable we gon' brand em' all up!
by gitrdun February 05, 2012
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Someone that is extremely champion and deserves some props from the peeps. They also commandeer vehicles on the dirty streets and name them the "Scalleywag".
by Chief October 15, 2004
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Hoss is a synonym for huge/buff/boss/big guy; commonly a douchebag; seen a lot in the Badin atmosphere.
by Sacktavious May 24, 2010
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To be a hoss one must gain it,
This could mean to shave it.
When walking down the hall,
One cannot pass a fellow hoss without grabbing them at all.
One must grab the hoss in an odd way,
So they can get the snap from all the honeys saying β€œHey.”
Even if it means to slap a males glute,
Or when on the field to always get into a dispute.
The win, they always get it,
So when they walk down the halls they yell β€œEsketit!”
One must test a security guard,

Which as they have proven, is not very hard.
They must have hipster hair,
And every Saturday play dare dare.
Initiations may involve taking a hit at Doughboys,

Or partying every Saturday, With The Boys.
They must keep a pencil behind their ear,
And yell β€œWhoop!” at a volleyball game because they have no fear.
So to be a hoss you must act as a team,
But not the whole team.
You're the coolest person I know. You're a hoss!
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by Matt Christoff June 03, 2018
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A southern term used to describe a girl or woman who is the absolute shiz. As part of this shiz-ness, she is able to perform traditionally masculine tasks in such a way that renders her not butch but rather cool. She can be one of the boys and she can be a girly-girl princess, depending on her mood. This girl gets shit done. Needless to say, it is complimentary.
Dude, look at her chug beer. The girl's a hoss.

Woah, Sheila got the entire board to change their policy and vote her way. What a hoss!
by KittyxKat September 07, 2008
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