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a horseback rider is perhaps the greatest athlete, ever. Not only does she have to control a 1000 pound animal with the help of a small piece of metal, but she has to do it while making it look like it is effortless. Not to mention when they start putting things in front of you and you have to jump them.

Horseback riding takes every muscle of the body and is the most intense, dangerous sport. period.
Is she a horseback rider?

Well clearly, i mean look at those muscles!
by LISEEEEYYY April 22, 2012
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Very dedicated to her sport.Talks to her horse like its a person.Spends night and day at the barn.Can get over any guy with the help of her horse
I which i could date a "horseback rider" beacause they are flexiable
by ctb16 March 23, 2010
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Noun. When a mother has it's child, it immediately knows where the baby is going to go in life. Maybe an engineer, or a bar tender, or possibly an artist. But for the unlucky few, their child's future is HORSEBACKRIDING... dun dun dunnn. Horseback riders tend to have unlikable traits: obsession over their horse, best friend is their horse, puts picture of their horse on facebook and says "cute"

Hi my name is Alex and i have no friends all i do is horseback ride, i am a horseback rider :( (that is a common case)
by fjlsdifsdofosdfja December 24, 2009
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