A girl between the age of 7 and 13 (most times), probably owns a horse (or goes to the riding school too much) and talks about it every day. She will wear t-shirts with horse prints on them and jeans or horse riding pants. In school she has only friends that love horses as much as she does. IF you want to hang out with her, she says: “No sorry, i need to go to my horse(s).” Horse girls don’t run, they gallop. Doesn’t care if you don’t like her, but if you say anything about her horse there is a chance she wants to murder you. Says she’s good are horse riding, but actually sucks. Here’s a tip: don’t follow her on instagram or other social media! Only do that if you want to get spammed with ugly photos of horses with a billion hearts on the photos. To summarize this whole story you can use one word: ‘CRINGE’.
I ride myself and at school i see horse girls and at the riding school too. The cringe was too much and i was looking on the internet, but nowhere was a really good explanation of horse girls, so i typed this.
by saladass2 May 03, 2019
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Horse girls are girls with oddly weird relationships with horses. Will always talk about horses, and a majority of the time smell like them too. You can always point out a horse girl because they will make sure to have horses on their binders or clothing. So this means stop talking to her devon.
Me: Man devon really is ditching us to talk to a horse girl
My friend: yes he really needs to cut that out
by ThatSledgeMain October 25, 2020
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A horse girl is a girl that is obsessed with the attention she gets from her horse, loving her horse, and maybe even taking a love interest in her horse. The "horse girl" phenomenon was created on the app Tik Tok. She walks on all fours, impersonating a horse, and eats what a horse eats, carrots, apples, etc., and of course, all she talks about is horses! She is also very disliked by her peers, and no one besides other horse girls wants to be around her.
Man, Mollie is such a horse girl! She is SO weird.
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by horse_girl_hater December 06, 2020
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The term used to describe women who are extremely interested in horses, and either live on a farm, do something with horses for a living, or just flat out love horses. They are wild as fuck in bed and are amazing at sex, but are at times a little weird and may make neighing sounds during sex(and if you are unlucky, she will make you neigh too).
Ay bro i hooked up with a horse girl last night, the sex was amazing
by pogchampisntaslur December 17, 2020
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