kaylee karcz
I saw Kaylee Karcz, a horse girl, galloping with her greasy hair in a scrunchie whilst wearing a t-shirt with a horse on it captioned “ride like the wind” in her tuesday shit stained pink undies, that were 2 sizes too small.
by swagmom69 December 29, 2019
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A girl who is also a horse. Half horse, half girl, all danger.
"That girl's half horse. She's a horse girl. A horse hybrid. A horsebrid."
by TimesChu December 15, 2019
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A girl who likes horses. That is all. They either ride, own, or talk about horses. Often all three. Horse riding is a perfectly legitimate and athletic hobby and a competitive sport. Despite this, uneducated cretins constantly make some weird connection between riding and sex. A lot of people also assume that because a girl is a 'horse girl' she likes horses in a sexual way.
Labeling someone as a 'horse girl' is a way to put someone in a box. It is often assumed that because someone likes horses that that's all they like. Horse girls are just as capable of having multiple interests as anyone else.
"Man, she's a horse girl. Bet she likes fucking horses." "Nah, I like DVDs but that doesn't mean I want to fuck them."

"Ew, she's such a horse girl." "At least she has a hobby."
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by I swear, it wasn't me April 03, 2020
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A person who loves horses a lot, and that's okay! She's known to be very friendly and has a super cool personality. There's no other person that can be like a horsegirl because she is who she is and that's what makes her special.
Flurriex: Hey Horse how are you?
Horsegirl: I'm doing great, life is great, and so are you.
by Flurriex December 05, 2019
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a horse girl is a rejected girl. sometimes due to BO, greasiness, crustiness, bad hygiene, bad eating manners, who may burp or fart.
Eeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww shes a horse girl.
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An amazing person, who is unjustly labeled and ridiculed as a “horse girl”. Horse riding is an amazing sport and it is not right to make fun of someone because of what they do. A “horse girl” is a very intelligent, kind, and great person. They are very kind and contrary to popular belief, they do not bite or gallop. Please respect these people as you will soon learn that they are great friends!
Stop calling Rachael a horse girl, she is much more than that; she is an amazing friend!
by EpicSoEpic March 25, 2021
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