A girl who is normally named Ava and has taken her obsession of horses way too far. She will neigh like a horse, eat carrots at lunch, gallop in gym class and definitely will bite you if you get on her bad side.
The horse girl just bit me and now I have teeth marks on my arm.
by flopspotsux October 06, 2019
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that girl obsessed with horses and she's creepy and loves you
friend: bro that horse girl is following you
me: yea dude every night she knocks on my door and yells my name
by campbutmakeit_concentration_ January 12, 2020
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A horse a girl is a crazy girl who has an obsession with horses, she doesn’t not admit that she is but she does call herself an equestrian, they usually talk about them all the time and act as if they actually are one, some horse girls even gallop and eat hair and grass (careful she might bite you if you’re not looking) . Usual names include; Emily, Maddison, Jemma, Sarah, Jessie, Emma
Non-horse girl; “Omg it’s a horse girl!”

Horse girl; “I’m not a horse girl, I’m an equestrian

Non-horse girl; “uhhh ok then
by Bob the cog June 09, 2020
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A crazy, middle class, white girl who is obsessed with horses. In general this specie of human is exceptionally horny and extremely kinky. So if your girlfriend's a horse girl, watch out because she's definitely gonna take the reins in the relationship.
Person 1: Omg look at the horse girl with her horse "Mr Tiggs"
Person 2: yh haven't you heard she into some super kinky shit
by Lolommssss101 October 14, 2019
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Girls that ride and love horses. ALL CRAZY and not the cool kinky kind. They will come to meet you at college and hookup with your roommates
Buddy: Did you hook up with that horse girl?

Me: I don’t know. I got really drunk once she started hitting on your brother.

Buddy: oh yeah by the way you owe me 5 beers
by Sarah_is_crazy September 05, 2018
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A girl who is so weird you think at any second she might bite you.
person 1: that new girl in science is such a horse girl
person 2: i know, it really scares me
by Rylee from Tea September 12, 2019
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