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A certain vibe a “horse girl” gives off. The most common idea of horse girl is, long hair, square glasses, old tennis shoes, khaki pants, rainbow horse shirts, and stickers. (Though most horse riders aren’t like this, there are some). Their vibe is crazy, insane, and odd. They think damn is an awful word. They honestly believe they are a horse. They will jump over things and neigh. Most people that possess “horse girl vibes” don’t actually ride horses. Their lack of seeing them, makes them want to transform into them. You can tell when someone has horse girl vibes instantly, you just know.
Gigi, yeah she rides horse but dosent give off horse girl vibes. Becky on the other jumps around on her hands and feet, that’s horse girl vibes right there.
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by Rolexis17 July 20, 2018
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