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An ignorant red neck from Western Nebraska.
You can't tell a horse fucker anything, they are certain it's all just fake news.
by Fed up July 01, 2018
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1) A group of people who enjoy My Little Pony and go on 4Chan. Horsefuckers aren't necessarily cloppers, and usually are against bronies, for the majority being newfags.
2) A person who fucks horses
1) There's an anon on the /mlp/ thread who keeps a BlueFast toy in a jar of his own cum
2) A man was arrested a couple months ago fucking a horse. Heh heh. Horsefuckers.
by Hydron May 05, 2014
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one who has sexual congress with horse(s); also a character in the film "Dances With Wolves." Horse Fucker was the Injun Dances visited late at night for some teepee action.
About the age of thirty Jack became a horsefucker. Jack later met Jill, who enjoyed blowing horses, so they formed a team that went from town to town performing disgusting sexual acts with nags, fillies and stallions. The two finally settled in Durango, Colorado, where they run a greasy flap jack house.
by Herb Slojewski November 30, 2005
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