An ignorant red neck from Western Nebraska.
You can't tell a horse fucker anything, they are certain it's all just fake news.
by Fed up July 01, 2018
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Someone who gains the most repulsive type of pleasers through inhumane actions; such as taking his inbred cock and inserting it into the backside of the hourse or pulling down his redneck pants and let the animal wildly thrust you.
Ways you can tell if your a hourse fucker:
In a moments glance at a hourse you become sex crazed and retard strong and your behavior takes over.
If you tell a random person one of your best friend's secrets.
If Bill Maury makes you uncomfortable when he's telling you "your not the father"
Matt, you told people allot of lies, your a horse fucker
I hav wet dreams about broad stallions pounding my asshole, Imma hourse fucker.
by The great horse fucker August 07, 2009
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Someone who is obsessed with horses to an extent that is unbearable. Only watches horse movies, has horse stuffed animals, horse blankets, etc.
She has a horse blanket? Yeah, she’s a horse fucker
by Liv Stens August 22, 2019
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1. a person who fucks horses
2. someone who is considered gay
-commonly used as a diss
first used in the south park movie
billy is a complete horse fucker
by dan da mann January 02, 2006
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