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Horace Greeley High school is a quiet woodlands high school with talented youngins of all walks of life. Here, knowledge is good. The children here have all mastered the recorder, which has been handed down to them in basic training during elementary school. If you were to go here, you would be greeted with a serenade of angel children playing the recorder. Sadly, beyond this fairy-angel world, lies a deep and dark ghetto, filled with gangsta's more dangerous than the world had ever seen! The school administration mainly ignores the gangsta's though, as the school leaders are too busy with assemblies about small things -- if someone gets a flat tire than we need an assembly to tell the school that it's the whole communities fault. Ten people died due to the gang violence last year, but the angel-nyphs keep it on the DL. There is also a massive statue of Horace Greeley located in the main quad. He is depicted planting the american flag in the ground while freeing the slaves. Overall the quiet woodlen heaven is a peaceful place where people can rest on the giant money bags which all have, due to their gangsta moves they acquired from the fairy-angel-nymphs
Dude: Yo gangsta! Where did u learn to get moneybags like that yo?!
Gangsta: Yo, some fairy-nymph's over at Horace Greeley High School taught me. Thats where i put my moneybags to sleep. I love those recorder-playing angels with their beautiful lullabies.
Dude: Yo gangsta! That sounds dope! I should move there!
Gangsta: Yes you should, because its also ranked as one of the top 100 schools in the country and one of the top 15 public schools. The education there will sure teach you the recorder well.
by Taste the Painbow February 24, 2011
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