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1. A no call or a no show at work.

2. A no call or a now show at work following a long night of drinking and taking illegal substances.

3. Conveniently missing work to meet college buddies at the bar for sporting event or other staged drinking affairs.

4. Pushing your unexcused absences to the brink of getting fired

5. Waking up hungover and not attempting to call, show up, or email that you wouldn't be coming in

to work on a given day.
"Chris must of pulled a hoppo holiday because March madness started"

"The head of HR asked Chris into her office to talk about all the "hoppo holidays" he took in the past month"

"Our boss asked us if Chris had pulled a "hoppo holiday" because of the Phillies home opener.
by studminustheu February 18, 2010
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