An unintelligent, overweight, redneck man who hates intellectualism and blames and accuses people for dumb reasons.
That old fart acts more like a Hoover than ever before since he drove that pickup truck
by HTgqe April 15, 2022
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when a fuckboy has left his mark on a person, place, or thing
by TMO11 August 15, 2019
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While in a doogy style position, the male grabs the arms of the female, and proceeds to walk her around the floor. It is a cleaning position. You clean your floor and have fun doing it.
Person 1-"Hey bill your floor looks really clean. Did you actually clean?"
Person 2-"Nah bro. I turned victoria into the hoover last night. She was pissed!"
by madlaxind7 March 7, 2008
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An other word for Marijuana (pot, weed, kush, etc...).
"I be smokin' on that hoover!"
"yo man that party was crazy bro, Jimmy had a pound of hoover!"
by FookieBookie June 8, 2013
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1. a person who associates with or visits another person or group of people with the sole intention of smoking their weed for free, or any substance which is inhaled.

2. a person who, in a weed cypher, smokes more than what is considered to be his fair share.
i hate when they come around this bitch.../
talkin' 'bout "what y'all smokin on?"/
cuz niggas like that we call em hoovers/
they try ta get cool wit' us to smoke yo' weed up/
its what they do./

by theonejanitor February 21, 2006
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