"I love your new haircut, boss" "Oh, quit being such a hoover"
by enalzi December 8, 2002
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a president of the united states. hoover was elected in 1928 and was blamed by many for the depression. contrasting greatly w/ fdr's new deal, hoover did little to nothing because he believed in the business cycle - where the economy would fix itself.

he did, however, set up the boulder dam project to provide jobs for people. boulder dam is more popularly known as hoover dam.
by unusu-al November 7, 2003
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A person who is kind,funny and has a big heart. Someone who would save your life when no one else gives a shit about you. Someone who will help a stranger at the risk of their own life. But they are smart and can not be fooled. They will help you but you never want to fuck over a hoover because you will lose the greates thing ever. They have a long fuse but once it blows all of hell will come to Earth. All around they are easy going and sweet.
1. Hoover will give you a place to sleep without turning it dirty and about sex.
2. Hoover will do anything for you even lie to thier friends and family just to keep you save.
3.Hoover will give you love like no one else ever did.
4. Hoover treat's you like a person not a pice of trash.
5. Hoover treats everyone with respect no matter what unless cross them.
by Azriel The Angel of Death February 7, 2010
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Fuck the girl from behind, then while in the same position grab her arms from underneath her, causing her to fall face forward into the carpet or bed, then move here face back and forth useing her arms as if she were a vacuum.
See Above for description. I would draw a picture if i could.
by Jeff W September 16, 2004
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The act of moving food from its current location to the mouth by means of suction and/or slurping.
Joe Doe was hoovering his dinner from the plate after he broke his only utensil.
by ZionMuffin March 29, 2011
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1 n. a person who (a) is well-practiced at performing oral sex on a male, performs the act a lot, or (b) is seen in a negative light for performing the act. See also, (complimentary) suckstress, (derogatory) slut.

2. n. a person who injests what is perceived by others to be more than his fair portion of shared cocaine. See also pig.

3. n. a person who injests what is perceived by others to be more than a safe amount of cocaine. See also, party girl, coke head.

4. n. in SCUBA diving, a person who depletes his air supply more quickly than others in the group.

5. n. or v. in some parts of Great Britain and Australia, a generic term for "vacuum cleaner" (as people in the United States say "Coke" when they mean soda or "band-aid" when they mean adhesive bandage).
1. (a) My girlfriend gives great blowjobs. She's a fucking hoover!

(b) That hoover has blown every guy in the club. I wouldn't stick a stolen dick in that mouth.

2. We agreed to divvy up an eight-ball of coke three ways, but that greedy hoover Carl bumped half of it before we got any.

3. If Emily doesn't stop snorting so much coke, that hoover is going to give herself a heart attack.

4. I still had half a tank left, but we had to surface because Joe was being a total hoover and had used up all his air.

5. We spilled dirt on the carpet, so we had to hoover the entire floor. What did we use? A hoover.
by Marc February 15, 2004
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A criminal gang in LA, probably the biggest, that claims Hoover st. which runs all thru LA. Hoover has Crips, bloods and eses. Blacks hoods on hoover say "gruv" in addition to cuz/blood.
Q.where you from cuz/blood!?
4 possible answers=

1. Hoover Cuz!! 2. Hoover gang blood!
3. Hoover Criminals gruv!!! 4. Varrio Hoover Locos ese!!!
by Loc- O June 22, 2004
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