The Hoover is shy and sensitive.

She is easily hurt and often annoyed as she sees the world differently than others.

Often labeled "crazy", "insane" or "snobby", because of her many haters.

These haters have nothing better to do with their time than bring down others who mean only good and no harm.

The Hoover is anxious and is depressed easily, these faults, coupled along with the perfectionist trait, lead her to suicidal thoughts when things don't go perfectly, i.e: being hurt by friends, failing a math class, or being embarassed socially.
When the Hoover is loved, she is happy. She likes to have someone in charge so that she can spend her time doing other, more creative and giving things. Not stressing.
The Hoover will do anything to please others, even sacrificing her own happiness and health, for this reason, people involved with her must exhibit great caution.
All around, the Hoover is a loving, friendly, giving and smart girl, just beware to those who tread on the fragile Hoover.

When tread upon, the Hoover is given to crying fits, at this time her eyes are truly beautiful and can trap you forever in their gaze.
by LoverOfTheHoover January 12, 2012
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when your hittin from behind on the floor and u reach out and knock the girl's arms out from under her, then "walk" foward on your knees with the chicks face in the carpet thus the name "hoover"
hey bro did you give her the dirty williams?
na, man the hoover
by 84swanga October 16, 2010
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To suck a penis like a hoover vacuum and make a sucking sound...
Man i heard some loud noise this mornin and i walked in the livingroom and Megan was Givin Ryan a Hoover on the couch.
by jair941 March 22, 2007
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The act of placing ones mouth over the nose of another and blowing air into their nose, causing an uncomfortable noise to come out of their mouth.
Tony fell asleep during sex so I hoovered that bitch to wake him up.
by My neck my back April 17, 2016
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