When you laugh so hard you fart 💨
You’re so funny I’m going to hoot-toot!
by C Swift September 14, 2020
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Give a Hoot is a phrase used to tell someone they should contact them.
"You want to play some games later?"
"Yeah, sure! I'm free all night so just give a hoot."
by KhajiitMeistro March 8, 2021
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A girl named Veronica who has hammer thumbs and a bannock ass. Is very ugly and stuffs her bra. Smokes Rez hoots.
by Filthy Rez hoot February 7, 2016
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When the pipe is empty but you know there's always another hoot in there. Example "the pipes empty but there's still some darten hoots."
The pipe is empty but there's still some darten hoots.

Let me darten hoot your pipe.
by MARCka August 2, 2019
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woot hoot, a slutty rude girl, stronger word then cunt
Bianca: I know right, Sophia is such a woot hoot
by ash the e boy March 31, 2019
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