A man slag who has 2481956892168 hoes and is extremely promiscous.

Can usually be found on the streets of plymouth advertising his business.
hectic bruv, hectic.. lukie is such a hoodrat that he had 213 hoes at one time last night
by Katy B January 27, 2008
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A person such as Phoenix Porter-Watts who is going no where in life and sits around smoking weed all day, he also thinks that he is the blackest dawg out when in actual fact, he's just a cracker
ow g ow hook us a spindo dawg, na I aint a hood-rat
by Nigarnuts July 03, 2013
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Anything you want it to be. its not being racist or anything like that. You can call the a rat too.
by na myt December 08, 2010
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People who think they are hood but in reality they are a true hoodrat. Someone who denies their true identity.
Shelby, who lives in the suburbs, claimed to be hood, living in denial of being a hoodrat.
by Boom1114 October 27, 2010
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Hood Rats are losers who walk around downtown. They have no job, and usually dropped out of high school. They are often spotted by the Mountain Dew bottle located in the back pocket. They always have about half their underwear showing.
Dave : Look at that kid 12 year old kid smokin a cig, and he has mountain dew in his back pocket

Diddy : Yeah he must be a total hood rat
by p-diddsss July 27, 2011
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