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Hood River is both a river and a town. The area is known for Wind-surfing and Kite-boarding and Snow-boarding and skiing. It is close by the Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams, both of which are visible from various parts of the town. It is home to many fun shops such as G. Wilikers (toys) Candy Land, Mike's Ice Cream, and many restaurants. those are only a few of the many shops in Hood River. Another fun thing about Hood River is it's tradition of First Friday. On the first Friday of every month during the spring, summer, and early fall there is a sort of celebration where people have stands open, and different activities are around on all the streets Downtown.
I'm going to go to Hood River this summer to take some kite-boarding lessons, and go to First Friday!
by Poemrider December 23, 2010
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an insult or a cross between a hoover and screwdriver. it picks up nails
no 1:hey nice hoo-driver
no 2:shut it ure fat
no 1: shut up u hoo-driver

example no 2

no 1:wicked that hoover picks up nails
no 2:its not a hoover its a hoo-driver
by connorp5 June 08, 2007
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A small town in Oregon, by the Columbia river! It’s known for kiteboarding, snowboarding, and other outdoor activities! You are more then likely able to see Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood! The weather can sometimes be very weird and unpredictable. It is taken over by mostly white citizens and latino citizens who believe and act like they are white. It’s attracts many tourists. It is a loving home to many!
Her: “What is Hood River?”
Him: “It’s a awesome place, they have many outdoor activities in the summer!”
Her: “oh wow, I gotta visit Hood River”
by Trippiexx February 07, 2019
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This is a screwdriver and a hoover combined

its not stupid
im going to use this hoodriver to hoover this mess up .... then stab you with it ok
by bobertt dowlen August 01, 2019
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