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Hood frat is not so much a word but a way of life. It defines every aspect of your life. To be hood frat is to have the swagger of Jay-Z but the style of a southern gentlemen. We are ready for every situation: a fortune 500 company interview or a maryjane purchase. We wear Brooks Brothers, Vineyard Vines, and Southern Tide. We drive nice cars with tinted windows and subs. We are the best at everything we do and we have the arrogance to back it up. We go to derby races and wear bow ties but on the way there listen to Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy. You can’t decide to become hood frat you are born with the swagger and attitude of perfection. Hood Frat
example 1) boombox

example 2) "Damn that boy looks hot in his envoy with dem subs bangin in his polo."

what is he you ask?

hood frat
by AdamRW October 22, 2008
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