A film that everybody in the hood has seen; Movies that all black folk seem to love and talk about while eating watermelon or fried chicken.
Man I love Scarface, thats a hood classic.
Nigga I cant believe you called Harry Potter a hood classic, my baby cousin Bonquiesha aint never seen it.
by Nickillionaire December 15, 2008
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Basically, it’s “white people music” that any hood nigga would let you play on the aux.
“Yo, u don’t mind I out on fireflys, do you?”
“Nigga, that’s a certified hood classic, tf you mean “do I mind”. PLAY THAT SHIT, nigga!”
by eatbeatnskeet February 6, 2021
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anything that has this quote will be a classic.
man 1: yo have you listen to this song

man 2: no why are you making me keep hering this wack songs man

man 1: but this is a certified hood classic
by Rlzonx December 7, 2021
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