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Someone who may have had sex once but still lives like a virgin or is a virgin in other ways.

Examples are sex abuse victims that have never had a consensual sexual relationship, nerdy manchildren who've hired prostitutes then went back to their manchild lifestyle, someone who may have had sex once but is unable to get any action the rest of their lives.

An example would be Chris Chan who lost his virginity to a prostitute in 2012 but is still the king of Lulzcows.
Well technically Im not a virgin because an ugly chick banged me at a party in highschool, but I've never had a girlfriend or relationship since so at least Im an honorary virgin.

I hate being a virgin!
You're not a virgin! you had sex with that prostitute a few years ago.
Yeah but I'm still an honorary virgin because I could have never gotten sex on my own. Girls despise me.
by DarthVegetaX November 25, 2015
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