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When you stick your dick (that resembles a salami) into a girls pussy, when doing this it makes you want to say Honnie (which by definition is an extremely hot girl). The application of this phrase is used when you see an extremely hot girl you want to fuck, you yell "Honnie Salam!!!". You can also use it in a sentence when you are describing a girl, when doing this do not emphasize "Honnie Salam". Usually you will have a friend who will pair this phrase with another common phrase: "Fuck yea!!!".
"Damn that girl was fucking hot, Honnie Salam that bitch."
"Honnie salam!!!"
"Damn that girl was hot, Honnie Salam."
"I want to Honnie Salam that shit."
by fuckyes11111111111111111111 August 28, 2009
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