A honey babe is a male who is one of a kind, the cutest thing to walk this earth, they are absolutely perfect and are so cuggly, and thier girlfriend is the luckiest thing ever to have such an amazing boy in her life. Usually a honey babe will deny the fact that they are one, but everyone around them knows they are the only one in existance.
honey babe cute sexy cuggly warm love forever
by browneyed_girl June 8, 2011
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A sexy home girl that you use to set guys up that wont come fight you or someone that you want to rob.

A girl that acts like she has interest in order to get someone jumped/robbed or come out from where they are hiding.

A heist girl.
Yeah he talked shit but wouldn't come fight me so I got my honey babe to set up a date with him.

Yo you know that kid I said we should rob? I got my honey babe on the phone with him now.
by Crazy charismatic August 7, 2017
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