A place full of amazing stuff (antiques, signs, etc.) that pickers dream about.
This place has everything! A real honey hole.
by JohnnyMuffin January 23, 2015
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AKA "The Dark Honey Hole." The tunnel between a females legs, leading to eternal happiness. Always dark except for during pelvic exams, the honey hole is a favorite of many men.
Don't stick your face in her honey hole!
by CrazyBob62 July 24, 2006
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A vagina in which is sweet wet and hot . It will melt your dick off and drain your balls
Dude I went by your house last night and slung this motherfucker off in that honey hole ...OMG
by DudeOneMoreAndImGood September 15, 2018
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The word 'Honey Hole' is used for the term of a clean vagina, a 'Hummus Hole' Is for a woman who has an unclean vagina
Guy 1: Oh damn that girl was sexy as shit how was the sex?

Guy 2: She was hot and all but man she had a nice ass honey hole, what about yours?

Guy 1: Shit man she had a hummus hole I almost threw up!
by VaginaCooch April 5, 2014
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In gay sex, an asshole filled with cum ready to be penetrated again.
His honey hole is ready for another breeding.
by Pumpdog April 30, 2020
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1. Butthole

-"A local landmark or road near a honey hole may have "Honey Hole" in its name or as a nickname for a muddy spot."
"Girl let me see that Honey Hole."

"I bleached my Honey Hole."

"Just boof it in your Honey Hole."
by Blleezy17 May 20, 2018
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A cement tank filled with human feces, where it ferments until a Honey Wagon comes and sucks it clean
-Uh oh
-I think we just dug into a honey hole
-Quick! scatter
by Steam April 24, 2008
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