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loud; gossipy but fun; a drunk but will only judge every other girls drunkenness; went to college in Boston, Miami, New Orleans or Houston; stuck up; learns to smoke cigarettes at age 5 while lighting fireworks at Christmas; prefers to lose her virginity in a car so that no one finds out; will spend more money on their hair and nails for a wedding than on the wedding present (to get your hair and nails done in Honduras it's about $30), shows up 2 hours late to everything, cannot speak Spanish or English properly so instead she uses both
That girl wore a $5000 dress to my wedding and had perfect hair and nails but she didn't even give a present... Typical Honduran girl

(Honduran Girl) I am going to school at Bunker Hill Community College so I can be with the same people I've been with my entire life and they know my family has money. It doesn't matter that I could go to a really awesome university elsewhere

(Honduran Girl) Me voy a Miami so we can go shopping.
by SPS123 August 19, 2010
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