Quality cars. Acchieve performance through efficiency, not muscle.
People break their necks trying to watch me pass them.
by honda December 16, 2003
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what every chevrolet has for dinner after a good race.
Man you should have seen my chevy eat that honda the other night it was awesome.
by grsmnky84 September 15, 2007
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An ugly, overpriced and underpowered car. Highly overrated for what it is. Every "custom" , rather "riced" up Honda looks and sounds the same. The vast majority are stock with cheap, inefficient glass packs and headers along with some hot wheels theme going on with the body. Not one of them has proper wheel geometry due to their lowered stance causing them to handle much worse than their stock counterparts. Most of the "performance" gear that are on them consist of an ugly body kit and a ridiculous rear spoiler to help their front wheel drive car handle better when it tops out at just under 100.
What is that, a leaf blower we are passing? No, just another Honda.
by 1967Rice eating V-dub June 05, 2003
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Honda (n) hon-duh: Coming from the Swahili word Hoonduh, which means "When I grow a real penis, I'll get a real car"
"Oh my god! What IS that? It looks like a penis, only smaller"
"That's Honda"
by Psymin March 23, 2008
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A car more often than not owned by rich, spoiled , narcissistic cunts who's parents almost 90% of the time own there own business in which most cases enables these cunts to waste ridiculous amounts of money on a car that is old, ugly , and poorly built to begin with from the factory.
These cars in which were never ever designed to be performance oriented but more of a point A to B mode of transportation are heavily modified for who knows what reason and at the end of the day they are still just a cheap shitty economy car.

You are not cool driving your daddy sponsored FWD civic, they are ridiculously gay and never will be cool.
With the amount of money you put into a 4 cylinder to make it fast you could've turbo'd a v8 rwd platform that would make more power than you ever dreamed of with your queer 4 cylinder eco car that will never even get you laid. Your all idiots
Hey my Honda racecar should be out this year!

Oh, that's wonderful, you must be so excited you can get married in any state now!
by Themothaphucka June 21, 2016
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I used to have a HONDA.
by Dirk November 11, 2004
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