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A Honda Clone is a generic term describing a small engine produced in China that is reverse engineered from a Honda small engine. It is also sometimes called a "Chonda". These engines are growing in popularity because of the their cheap prices. The most popular Honda Clone is called the "Predator" engine, sold at Harbor Freight.

These engines can be found on anything from lawn mowers, generators, snow blowers, and pressure washers.

Although prices are low, their reputation in the small engine world has mixed views. The quality of the Chinese engines is not as good as Honda, and some have reported that that they have a 1/4 failure rate, i.e. a quarter of the engines produced are duds. Despite all this, it is a very popular with recreational vehicles such as go karts and mini bikes, mainly because they are much cheaper compared to the competition such as Honda or Briggs and Stratton.
"Oh, you have a Honda Clone on your mini bike?"
"Yeah. It only cost me $130 at Harbor Freight. It seems like everyone is putting Predator engines on everything nowadays."
"Wow. You sure can't beat that price. But I'll be honest. I feel that that those engines are a bit overrated."

"What makes you say that?"
"Well, you said it yourself! Everyone seems to be swapping the same exact engines on their machines. Doesn't that sound boring to you?"
"....well, you've got me there..."
by Omegadoomship64 March 31, 2019
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