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A weapon from the worms series. You select a target, and a bird flys from your Worm's gun to that point, where it explodes. Prone to sporadic behavior if the path to the target is dificult to navigate, but useful when used properly.
"Even a Homing Pigeon can't miss at this distance!"
by fzh November 04, 2004
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An intelligent breed of pigeon with natural homing abilities. Although its navigational method is still somewhat of a mystery, it is thought to use the planet's magnetic field. They can be trained to return to home from hundreds of miles away. They were used in World War I and World War II to carry messages, some of which saved thousands of lives. Some famous war birds include, "GI Joe" and "Cher Ami." Today, homing pigeons are flown in a popular racing sport in which they compete from up to one thousand miles away.
Homing pigeons are released in Ohio and arrive home in Massachusetts the same day.
by DomPij March 19, 2005
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A phrase used to describe a girl that keeps going back to the same guy; usually for sex, over a long period of time.
esp common with guys they lose their virginity to.
Kathy is Neil's homing pigeon ; she goes running every time he calls.
by Edi3000 May 12, 2013
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