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Alright, bitches, this is what homer junior high is really like. The boys all think they're cool as shit for dabbing every five seconds and talking about ass, the girls are either fake as hell or bitchy as hell, the most popular kid is liked by all of the girls so no guys can go after anyone from Homer Junior High, even though he is a dick. And, if you even think for one second that our teacher in a wheelchair raps, you're wrong. Instead, she randomly grabs her legs and tells everyone way too much about her personal life. The staff dress like hoes (especially the dean) and dress code the girls for showing too much calf.
girl #1: Omg you go to Homer Junior High?
girl #2: Yeah I wish I went to Oak Prairie

girl #1: No you don't
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The school known for its hoes. In order to be cool, you have to send nudes to five people in one week. Most of the people do drugs too, and either keep it super lowkey or tell everyone. And the guys only care about joggers. You should go to oak prairie, unless you want a rapping science teacher In a wheelchair
Guy 1: hey, did you get her nudes?
Guy 2: yah, and afterwards I sent her pics of my joggers
Guy 1: so glad we go to homer junior high!
by Crabdaddy September 05, 2016
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The basic bitch school where every single girl in the school is a hoe, and you have to vape, send nudes, pop the tits out, wear leggings every fucking day so your ass is looks noticeable. Also you have to put your phone in your back pocket of your jeans and take snapchat videos in class for some odd reason. Every fuck boy in the school is a pervert and a man hor. All they talk about is Fortnite or jerking their small chodes off. The teachers are shit because they only let u go to the bathroom three times a quarter!!! One of the teachers smells like piss and shit and the dean dresses like a slut. (doesn’t follow school dress code) This school fricken sucks!
#1: In science the air smells like piss, but then teacher pulls wheel chair behind you and the piss smell gets worse.
#2: Dean has a short ass dress on and that violates school rules.
#3: Popular girls flirting with peters table.

So basic bitches, Dean a slut, teacher smells like piss. (Homer Junior High)
by Amber Soll May 23, 2018
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