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A small town that seems to be placed randomly in the middle of no where in Queensland Australia. Its "twin town" is called Ayr and its connected by a bridge. (believe it or not)

Home Hill is Commonly called "The Hill" or "Homo Hill", by the bored teenagers that whinge about everything.

If you imagine the stereotype of small towns, you've got it basically right. Ute's everywhere and slang language is the most common language. "Hows it goin mate?", "Ranga", "Your gamin aye mate", "no worries mate" and "Shame" are common words used. No need to be fancy here. Alot of people a scum (no offence - but its true). And its a fact (or just sterotype) alot of people are drug dealers.

Attractions to the town, are nill. Unless your a keen farmer or just a really boring person.

Things to do are: watch grass grow, go to slutty parties, "Queen Streeting" - a must for the 'P platters', visit the huge city of Townsville or Holding your breathe across the bridge.

Poor Home Hill is often teased for its lack of ability to be anything interesting, and its often said that if you were to drive by and blink, you would miss the whole town.
Lets do something interesting today in Home Hill.. lol jks theres nothing to do lets go to Townsville.
by Your gamin January 24, 2012
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