short for Holographic ; can also mean hello

Used by Christine from SimplyNailogical
Holo everyone, it's me Christine!
by Maddybear164 February 15, 2019
Check that beautiful shit out on simplynailogical channel and while your there make sure to subscribe
by Holosexuall February 20, 2019
Holo is short for holographic. Holo is any thing that shifts rainbows when you move it. Like a disk.
That movie disk is Holo.
by December 5, 2017
when a person is sooo rubbah that they just holo
(unks)“hou unko cash how you stay”
(unko cash)“hou unks idk i stay rubbah
(unks)“ahhh so holo you”
by unko cherreh tree December 13, 2021