SAR HOLO: also known as Semi automatically rifle with a holographic sight. Which is the worst thing people can use on a gun in rust.
Example one: COMS COMS COMS I NEED TO KILL THESE zergnuts with my sar holo
Example two: a retarded person who uses sar holo to oil rig you know who you are
by Rxflt February 2, 2022
A person that loves Holo stuff ( for example: nail polish)
Simply Nailogical is so obsessed with Holographic Stuff, She’s a Holo Sexual
by Simply Awesomeness March 7, 2018
In the Nail Polish Communities Holographic Nail Polish is loved for its colour-shifting properties, so much in fact that Simply Nailogical coined the term holosexual (someone who is sexually attracted to holographic things). Someone who regularly flaunts holo gear is often referred to as holoslut.

From this scene grew the expression "How Deep Is Your Holo?" Referring to the big question of: are you a holosexual or just holo-curious ?

The correct answer to this would be to reply with the second line from the Simply Nailogical - Adele Cover of Hello , aptly named "Holo" : "Like The Ocean" - this would mean that you are familiar with Simply Nailogical, and open about your holosexuality.
I see you have a lot of holographic nail polishes, how deep is your holo?
by Didiro June 22, 2016
An extremely rare individual or thing.

In reference to a holographic Charizard Pokémon card
Big Mike: "That girl can name every Vice President of the US in order *and* she's hot"

Party Dave: "yeah she's a holo Charizard, unbelievably rare"
by Massivemouse November 18, 2022
Hoes only live once.
When asked by her mother why she missed curfew, Moe replied, "Holo"...
by MrTerrrrible May 10, 2021
Latin American Reenactment: When Kink Diglins turns into Elvis in the middle of the work day and flops his hair around like a benis.
This HOLO is wild-- He is rocking and his wrist is rolling.
by KINK DIGLINS November 8, 2021