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H💿L💿 (holo)
by satannugget March 9, 2018
Meaning “ Hoes only live one.” Similar to the word “YOLO” but instead of you it’s hoe.
“Hey, should I wear this shirt, or is it to scandalous? “Mine as well HOLO!”
by thecoolgirl03 May 23, 2018
Hoes only live once
I'm going to go do that anal gang bang porn, holo!
She's like a trolley everyone hops on her, holo!
by Crookedtoe July 4, 2015
Holo is life... Please do NOT say holo is just glitter cause it is NOT! I an a Holosexual... All Holo lovers are holosexuals... Please follow the Holo Queen on Youtube ‘Simplynailogical’ Holo is short for Holographic...
Holo is life.
by HolosexualGirl March 29, 2018
A modern day way of life or disease that is typically seen in urban environments, where quality of life is almost totally disregarded. It can effect anyone over the age of 5 and can be very detrimental to ones health.
Symptoms include: Acting like a rat, milling around the streets for no reason, working to hard to pay bills and wasting time and money on things with little or no value.
"Boss wot u up 2 tonight?"
"Soz im working bro."
"U always at work that's holo!"

"Where are you going now honey?"
"Shoping, can i get the credit cards?"
"No. NO! You obviously have holo, i'm taking you to the hospital."
by Dr Tosin January 7, 2013
A shift of the rainbow colors either in holo nail polish or a pectrum of rainbow
Holo is a holosexuals love
by Holosexualove November 18, 2017
Holo is a short term for holographic, which means shifting rainbows.
That holo is colorful!
by Holo.taco June 19, 2018