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Any male who’s known more for the women he’s dated rather than having actually accomplished anything remarkable or interesting.
Any guy who is primarily famous for the celebrity vaginas he’s been in rather than an having an actual career or talent of his own. Typically they are never in the same vagina for more than a month or two.
Garett "What exactly does John Mayer do? I keep hearing that hes a singer or something."

Allison " Naw, he has no talent other than dating famous women for the sake of the cover of people magazine. Celebrity chicks just pass him around like a hollywood tampon"

John Mayer, Ray J, Scot Baio, Pauly Shore, are all Hollywood tampons
** Lance Armstrong would be a more respectable Hollywood tampon, he's worked very hard to obtain tampon status.
by PinkMouse July 14, 2009
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