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When someone is either on opposite side of positively intelligent spectrum or superficial,shallow.
Guy 1: So how is looking for a job going?Or did you decide to take up some other college?
Guy 2: Nah bro,don't you see? I work out! I'm gonna be so macho and get all the girls !
Guy 1: Oh man,I swear that since you've hit the gym,you've become hollow as log!
Guy 1:Woah,that chick looks so fine!
Guy 2:Don't even bother,I tried to lead some deeper conversation with her,but she is hollow as log.
Guy 1: I guess that means her hollowness is to be filled another way...if you know what I mean.
Guy 2: Hahaha , yeah,sadly she is that type of girl.
-Other Examples-
People from reality shows,gold diggers,people with beauty but no brain,people with no values or purpose,extremely judgemental people...
by yelpi September 20, 2016
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