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Things that people say that they don't really mean such as: Bless You (When you sneeze) Thank You (Ungrateful) I'm Sorry (No you're not. Not sorry enough for it to matter) I Love You (Hahahahahahahahahahaha Yeah Ok) Have a good day (You know I won't) Forcing someone to say thank you or your welcome or I love you to you so you can gratify your own ego.
by Hym Iam June 16, 2018
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Sorry, Thank you, I appreciate, bless you, excuse me.
*My response to the list of hollow platitudes*

You are not fucking sorry bitch. That is not what sorry feels like.
You ungrateful bitch why say some shit you don't mean,

No you don't.
You would just as quickly condem me.
You're not excused.
by Hym Iam August 12, 2018
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