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A small town in San Benito County. While this town has hicks who wear light denim jeans and ride pickup trucks, there is a good amount of culture and cool kids who inhibit the area. The only thing to do is hang out at the coffee shop, but that's not so bad because Hollister has a plethora of local high school bands that play there. And they're also not half bad.

There is only one high school(San Benito High) bearing the mascot Hank the Haybaler. Everyone in town goes to the high school's football games, where Hank is present. San Benito is also referred to as "the High School."

There used to be a kind of cool biker rally, but then it got cancelled so now the band kids can't fundraise by working at it and need to find other ways to raise money.

Hollister is also very close to awesome, hip places such as San Jose, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Carmel, etc. This town may appear to be a nothing town, but if you lived here you'd know that it's full of kind adults and teens with big ideas.

The West Side is where the poorer people live, the East side is average/middleclass, and all the rich people live in the Southside.

Hollister is just a town filled with rad kids and cool local bands.

but don't get me wrong, the second I graduate I'm getting the hell out.
What's there to do in Hollister, California?

Watch Fugu at Mars, duh.
by rachelberry. January 05, 2011
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Hollister, California is a small town located in San Benito County. It has one High School called San Benito High School, where most of the kids in San Benito County go. Most people refer to it as "The High School."

As of 2010, the population was 34,928. It was 65.7% Hispanic or Latino, 29.1% White, 0.7% African American, 0.3% Native American, 2.4% Asian, 0.1% Pacific Islander, and 0.1% other.

West Side and Northside are where most of the poor people live and where most of the gang activity takes place. EastSide is where the lower income-middle class live, some gang activity occurs there. And SouthSide is where the rich people live.

Hollister does not have much to do for young teens without transportation, most just walk target like it's a mall.

Hollister is often confused with the store Hollister Co. People will always ask if it's a beach town. When you respond no they will then ask if there is even a Hollister store in Hollister. Hollister Co. ad Hollister, California HATE eachother. Hollister Co. wanted Hollister, CA to change it's name even though Hollister CA has been here WAY longer. Rediculous.

Hollister is a very beautiful place. It is almost surrounded by mountains and has a lot of open fields. Agriculture is a big thing in this town.

Becausue of Hollister's high Hispanic population, it has a ton of delicious authentic taquerias, panaderias, super mercados, etc.

If you move to the right area of Hollister, I'm sure you will love it there. Kind of.
*2 bored teens in Hollister*
"Ayye what you wanna do"
"Lets hit up Target!"
"I'm down!"

*A group of gangsters walking*
"Yee Hollis 831 homie!"

Person 1: "Where are you from?"
Person 2: "I'm from Hollister, California"
Person 1: "Is it like a beach town?!"
Person 2: "No it's a small ghetto town full of gangsters and cowboys"
Person 1: "Oh, well there's a Hollister store in Hollister right?"
Person 2: "NO!"
by Raised in Hollis June 07, 2011
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