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A derogatory term for an individual who deeply prefers to sport apparel sold under the Hollister brand. Typically materialistic, self-absorbed and socially unconscious. Said individuals are also known for vigorously defending critics regarding many of the controversial issues surrounding the brand, including accusations that the brand's parent company, Abercrombie and Fitch Co. sells sex to its teenage consumer base. Are also known for vehemently fighting claims that Hollister feeds off of a West Coast feel in order to garner customers from less desirable regions like the Midwest. The original demographic for this type of person was characterized by upper-middle class Caucasian teenage girls, but has spread to cover men and individuals of other age groups and ethnic backgrounds.

also see Abercrazy
Slacker #1: "Where do Hollister Hos feel at home?"
Slacker #2: "The beach?"
#1: "No...the mall!"

Valley Girl #1: "Do you, like, wear anything else, or are you just another Hollister Ho?"
Valley Girl #2: "Totally not true...I just bought this really comfy jacket from Reuhl No.925!"

(note that Reuhl No.925 is, like Hollister, another subsidary of Abercrombie and Fitch)
by Nigerian Nightmare January 27, 2010
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