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A "Blue Ribbon School" (whatever that's suposed to mean) located in Hollis, New Hampshire. Home of the cavaliers, it is attended by many rich and spoiled teens from the towns of Hollis and Brookline. There is a small handful of lower-middle class to poor students but they just get looked down on by everyone else. Most Hollis kids think that Brookline kids are poor hicks even though they're just slightly less rich than them. Most students live a sheltered life but the learning atmosphere is safe and well-suited for education. There are a few good teachers but most think their students are bad even though even the worst students at HB are better than the average kid at any other school. If you're rich, smart, and social this is the school for you.
Conversation at Hollis-Brookline High School
HB kid: So this summer I'm going to spend one week at my lake house and then its off to Paris!
Normal kid who just moved to town: Dude you have two houses? Thats wicked cool!
HB kid: I acutally have three.
Normal kid: Wow three!
HB kid: Wait, you only have one house? Hahaha what are you poor?
Normal Kid: No, actually i'm just normal
HB: I don't now anyone that doesn't have at least two! Haha
Normal kid: You're a fag!
HB kid: What's a fag?
by imawesome29 June 06, 2011
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