hey man wanna hang out?
nah, im going out with my holes tonight.
oh. you should buy her a ham for christmas.
by bucketlesshead November 17, 2007
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Probably the best female fronted band ever.
Highly overlooked by most grunge teenagers.

If you're a teenage girl,your first Hole album may be a life changing experience.
Forget about all the Courtney Love bullshit,just go buy Live Through This. And pick up a Bikini Kill album along the way.

Hated by a lot of people who's only argument is that "Courtney Love is a murdering bitch!"
I think everybody needs to get over that.
It's okay to be an asshole as long as you have a penis. If you're a girl,you're just a whore.
Grrr...and grrr again.
Hole changed my life. Thank God there's a girl in the world as pissed off as me.Even if she is a tad strange.

Do you really need another Nirvana album?
by bandanasarerad September 16, 2006
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A spouse, girlfriend, or significant other of a man. (only good for their vagina, or hole.)
My hole got me the best christmas gift!

I'd like to hang out tom, but im holing today.
by nbuzz90 January 08, 2010
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Not ho' but hole.A woman who is so easy that it is just like walking up to a hole and sticking your pecker in it.

Also a nick name given to a certain woman because she is that easy.

A guy who survives in prison by giving everyone ass sex.
Kathy is such a hole.

I get a date with the hole tonight.

John had to become a hole in prison.
by Deep blue 2012 May 26, 2010
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