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A term used when someone does something seemingly impossible or just plain awesome. The witnesses should then proceed to hold the persons dick.
Just smoked a bowl during my graduation ceremony!.....HOLD MY DICK!!!!
by Hoss_Meat June 02, 2011
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a saying usedvwhen shits about to go down. pronounced:

(ho my dick)
guy 1:dude, u gonna jump?
guy 2: yep.
guy1: i dunno man...seems sketchy
guy2 : hey..hey erik?
guy1: what?
guy2: hold my dick *jump*
by 'bouttogodown March 23, 2011
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similar to suck my dick in that it is used as an insult. Mainly used to express discontent towards another. Correct usage includes an extended pronunciation of 'hold'
Teacher: "Ok children, do the worksheet I gave you"

Disgruntled Student: "Hold my dick."
by The Sensation of YHS June 27, 2011
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