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Hoh Shan is an unusual male name for Malaysians. It's named after the first politician of Sigma-nasia.

To this day, Hoh Shans can be considered antiqued around the world. Ever since the name is bestowed to them, their penis will erect to 1 metre long.Despite this, the penis has shown a characteristics to be highly bendable, where they are able to twist and go inside their anus, become the only people on this planet to do so. However, this phenomenon is highly harmful to the fetus's body and the baby will have a death rate of 60%. This increases the rarity of Hoh Shans in Malaysia. However, as part of the curse of RYANONG, Supreme King of Hentaipedia, Hoh Shans are highly valuable. Even at a premature age, they will have hard nipples and voluptuous chest. When the supermoon is nigh, juices will leak out from the nipples and penises of Hoh Shans. The juices have shown to have a peculiar effect on females, where they are taken to a land of lust once they consumed the juices. This made the juices extremely valuable and they can be sold a high price of 1000 dollars per milliliter. No one can best the superiority of Hoh Shans except the henn yuens, who have been blessed by Queen Hentai Wakawaka the Erotic.

However, there is another definition for Hoh Shans. They are used to describe closet perverts that wear glasses and has mushroom hairstyle. These people have shown an indecent behavior and their minds tend to wander to the Land OF Lust.
Japanese are Hoh Shans

Ryan Ong has shown a Hoh Shanish behavior when he was Wan Yiii
by WONZI July 29, 2018
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